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Important Information


Basic information for your visit


The best way to avoid getting overwhelmed when visiting Paris is to have accurate information about the city. Some of the information you will need for your visit include :


→ Ensure that traveling documents for the trip are valid.

→ If you are planning to drive carry your driving license and confirm that it has not expired.

→ If you’re planning your first visit, be aware that if you decide to visit a money exchange bureau to get local currency, the commission rate you pay will depend on the amount of money you are converting to euros. You’re better off converting the amount of funds you’ll need for at least a few days, as opposed to visiting the money exchange more often.

When to Visit Paris


Spring is a popular time to visit Paris, as the city comes back to life after the winter months. It’s the perfect time for exploring parks and gardens. The summer months (June-August) are the most popular ones for visitors. The fall months in Paris are cooler (a light jacket will be required) and less busy now that most tourists have gone home. During the winter, the city glows under festive lights. It’s a good time to take advantage of seasonal sales in the shopping malls and charming boutiques.


Every season is a good time for Paris sightseeing, since the city is beautiful throughout the year. There are definite advantages to visiting during times when Paris attractions are less busy, though, so you may want to look at travel times other than the summer months.


So that you can plan your next trip, including what to do in Paris, in detail, we have prepared a brief guide with the details we think are important for you to know.

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Must Do

Paris Walk In
Ballon Generali

Get a special Bird’s Eye View from the biggest air-balloon in the world. View never before from an altitude of 150 meters.

Adult €12, Children (3-11): €6, Under 3s: free

Top Attractions